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Most Popular Australian Baby Names: Week One

Well, hello there!

I am so excited to get this project underway. Our first week of sifting through the birth announcements to ascertain the top baby names for 2013 in Australia. We will see what the most unusual names are, how parents name their whole family by the way they match sibling names and what kind of first name and middle name combinations are the most successful.

I went to my local news agency this morning and was only able to find Adelaide’s The Advertiser, The Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne’s Herald Sun. I couldn’t find anything from Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, the ACT or NT, so I am thinking that for the purposes of this survey we will go with the aforementioned three newspapers weekly and if I happen to find another paper on certain weeks I will add those in!

On a Side Note – A Book I Found!

Hello, My Name is Pabst

This morning, my husband, M and I decided to treat ourselves. After having an eyebrow and lip wax (just me, not him!), we got our car washed (a massive treat) and then had a scrumptious breakie at an ol’ favourite cafe in the heart of Adelaide, King William Road. We had a wander afterwards and ended up visiting my favourite shop, ‘Presence’ where I found this hilarious book that I think you will all be interested in: ‘Hello My Name is Pabst‘ by Meik Bruno and Kerry Sparks.

‘Hello, My Name is Pabst’ describes itself as a book of ‘Baby Names for Nonconformist, Indie, Geeky, DIY, Hipster, and Alterna-Parents of Every Kind’.

Just flicking through it already, I have seen some great categories of names including ‘Names for a Kickball Dream Team’, ‘Names That Will Grow Into a Mustache’ and my favourite: ‘Names That Could Rock a Miranda July Haircut’ because I simply adore that kind of imagery when I think of names (what hair will this name have, what kind of clothes will they wear, etc).

One of Miranda July's Haircuts

I won’t go into the names that are listed (because I don’t want to get in trouble) and also because maybe you will want to investigate for yourself. However, I would like to ask you, what kind of name would you put into these categories? I’ll let you know if you say any that are in the book!

Ok, Shutup and Tell Us The Names!

So, I got my three newspapers and opened The Advertiser. Strangely, there were only 43 birth announcements. I have never seen the Saturday announcements so bare! I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, I thought…

Then I had to look the Sydney Morning Herald over quite a few times until I found the death notices and then had to search that like it was ‘Where’s Wally’ to find four birth announcements. In the meantime, I had taken to the SMH website and found some birth announcements there but there were only a few from each month.

Then I got to Melbourne’s paper and there were just eight! I went on to their website and was able to pull quite a lot off that. However, it was EXTREMELY time consuming!!!!!!

So, what am I going to do? Back to the drawing board me thinks. I can get the top 100 names for both boys and girls for most areas of Australia but only from 2012 backwards.

Send me your ideas on what you think I should do, if you want. I like the idea of finding out the sibling names that have been placed together. I also like the idea of spotlighting unique names. What I might do is at the end of each month I will list a running list of the top 10 names for each paper and all up.

Top Baby Names In Australia

In South Australia, the top girls name was Grace – but as a middle name. Grace appeared three times.

The top boys name was William as a first name and a draw between James and Paul for a middle name. All scored 2.

I know, it’s early days. Things will get more interesting as time progresses.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that a child named, Beverley-Anne Jane has just been born. THIS YEAR!

The main reason for my surprise is that it is an out-dated name that is not currently very fashionable as, according to Think Baby Names, in the Us Beverley/Beverly reached it’s peak of popularity in the 1940s to 1960s and hasn’t really been seen much since. It was more favourable in the era just after the one that is currently being raided with names such as Florence, Maisie, Edith and June being used more and more right now.

I went to school with a girl called Bev and she used to hate her name. She was a great girl though and when I think of the name I think of a gorgeous lilac colour. So it may come back soon… what do you think?

In Victoria, Madison was the top girls name appearing three times and Rose was the most popular middle name with three as well.

Surprise, surprise, Joshua was the top boys name with three and David scored three as well making it the most popular middle name for boys.

In New South Wales, Elizabeth and Grace both scored two for middle name status and David was a winner again with two middle names. All other names appeared only once this week, with some interesting ones such as boys Inigo and Jozsef and girl Josefa listed.

Top 10 Baby Names of the Week 2013

I am still working out my Excel Spreadsheet formula (with the help of M – he is a wiz), but for this week there really is no stand out top 10. Most names appear once, so hopefully next week or maybe the week after we will see some names start to emerge.

Final Note

Well, it has been a messy post but I wanted to communicate with you as promised. If you have any ideas of where we should go from here, please let me know.

Hope you have a great week and I will talk to you next Saturday!


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2 comments on “Most Popular Australian Baby Names: Week One

  1. Whenever I hear the name Bev, I think of some ol’ bag working behind the desk in a high school admin (too specific?)
    Does ‘hello my name is Pabst’ have any suggestions for business names?… for example a salon – or something similar.
    All in all, a great read Lori!

    • myfavouritename
      April 28, 2013

      Oh I am sorry to hear you’ve got such a bad opinion of the name, Bev. You never know, it could become quite popular. A celebrity who appreciates older names, such as Lily Allen (Children: Ethel and Marnie) may very well bring it back into popularity!

      I’ll get back to you on the name for your salon… I’ll PM you. Yes the cats out of the bag – you’re my brother! haha xx

      Ps. Not Lori!

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