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Maxwell Drew Johnson

Well, well, well. Jessica Simpson has had her first baby and now I am giving birth to my first blog about a celebrity baby name!

Before we start looking at the name Jessica and her fiancée, Eric chose for their baby girl, I want to first mention Jessica’s baby shower (and the accompanying video). The baby shower looked really low key (for a celebrity at least) and while it was a Charlotte’s Web theme, there wasn’t too much overkill on the cutesy animals and instead it looked very baby friendly but chic as well. Check out the very cute and retro looking video that captured the day with a a 50s-esque feel. Note to self – want this for my baby shower!

Now, on to the name. Maxwell Drew Johnson.

Maxwell is in honour of Johnson’s middle name and the maiden name of his mother. Drew is the maiden name of Simpson’s mother. I personally love love love honouring family members with names. I appreciate the tradition and symbolism of names and think it would be the ultimate gift to name a child after someone special. So to me they’ve done a great thing there.

However, I just am not sure about the whole androgynous name thing. I may be able to get around the Maxi (although not sure if she will appreciate that nickname in years to come – especially if she has a paranoia about ‘leakage’ – anyone seen those ads?), but Maxwell is a definite boys name and Drew doesn’t help the situation.

Didn’t her parents consider that she may have to endure problems such as being housed with two overtly sexual young men due to a housing mix up at college à la Lara Flynn Boyle’s character, Alex in the film, ‘Threesome’?

Also, isn’t the name Drew only allowed to be used by Drew Barrymore herself and herself alone as a girl’s name? Too much?

Doesn’t a girl deserve to have a name that highlights some sort of femininity? A name that garners some kind of respect from peers and authority? One that you can confidently use to announce and assert yourself in court, at the doctors or on the phone to the electricity company? Maybe I am being too harsh, though. At least she hasn’t got a name that you can’t say without laughing, like Buffy or Misty…

Look, all in all it’s not too bad when you compare to some other classic celebrity names like Inspektor Pilot or Moses. Maybe it will take off (a recent study shows that this is probably the case) and maybe when we see how absolutely gorgeous she is (as I am sure she will be) we will learn to love the name.

What do you think of the name? Would you use Maxwell for a girl? What about Drew?

On a slightly different topic, Maggie Gyllenhaal had another baby girl. I love Maggie but am also not sure about her choice; Gloria Ray. I loved Ramona (her first daughter) but can’t seem to get over the old lady stigma I have attached to Gloria. However, Maggie is so cool, hippy and a lover of vintage (so like me! ha!), so I am going to work on this and hopefully when we see the little cherub it will change my opinion all together!

Write back and let me know what you think!

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This entry was posted on May 2, 2012 by in Celebrity Baby Names, G names, M names.

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